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NCOA 6th Annual Older Adult Mental Health Awareness Day

Dr. Jamie, with an expert panel, discusses caregiving for the 60 million Americans providing unpaid care of people with mental and physical illness.

Mental Health on the Frontlines (Conference)

Dr. Jamie will deliver an informative session aimed at reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and self-harm among frontline workers.

Handling Toxic People (Workshop)

Handling Toxic People (Workshop)

Healing by Dr. Jamie and the ESRT (Online Presentation)

Dr. Jamie and the Emotional Support Response Team discuss tips for self-care, healing, and loving yourself.

Caregiver Burnout (Appearance on ABC News)

Dr. Jamie appears on ABC News to introduce WellMed’s free resources for the prevention of caregiver burnout.

Caregiving (Online Group Presentation)

Dr. Jamie addresses the problems that caregivers face and how taking your oxygen first can help you to function effectively.

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial (Podcast with Angelica, Rise Tribe)

Dr. Jamie introduces a new non-profit organization (Partners in Mens Health) designed to help men in toxic abusive relationships (TARs).

Gabby Petito’s Victimization and Murder (Interview, Fox News)

Dr. Jamie explains Brian Laundrie’s narcissism and toxic abusive behavior targeting Gabby Petito, culminating in his being charged with murder.

Online Mental Healthcare Resources (Interview, ABC News)

Dr. Jamie shares information about improving your mood and empowering yourself through accessing online healthcare resources.