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A trauma-certified psychologist and licensed clinical social worker specializing in high-conflict relationships.

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Saying Goodbye and Thank You to Rosalynn Carter

Farewell to Rosalynn Carter, former First Lady of the United States and the State of Georgia – champion of mental health, caregiving & women’s rights.

Dr. Jamie on Randy Meisner — iconic bass player, and founding member of Poco and The Eagles and the TAR worksite.

Dr. Jamie on late Randy Meisner, “the sweetest man in the music business”, and his complicated relationship behind the stage with his group members.

Dr. Jamie – Caregiving and Being Trauma-Informed

Take 10 Podcast with Dr. Jamie discussing the connection between caregiving, trauma and what it means being trauma-informed.

Dr. Jamie on Sinéad O’Connor’s pain and suffering and finding her way to personal safety in this TAR world.

Sinéad O’Connor taught us lessons. She used her voice to expose the truth no matter the cost. She stood up against injustice and spoke the truth.

Who is Dr. Jamie?

As a trauma-certified psychologist and licensed clinical social worker, Dr. Jamie’s experiences in clinical practice, ‌media, and government affairs have provided him with unique opportunities to develop tools to help burned-out adults at worksites, couples in crisis and alienated families caught in Toxic Abusive Relationships (TAR).

He does that by providing education, empowerment and energy to individuals, couples, families, organizations and communities at large to reduce the detrimental damage of TAR, attachment disorders and parental alienation by encouraging individuals to create loving and healthy environment for themselves and their loved ones.

Dr. Jamie dedicates his legacy — working to make a better place for his daughter and all children to grow in a world that fosters happy, healthy, and healing relationships.

Have you stepped in TAR?

Toxic Abusive Relationships (TARs) lack empathy, responsibility, and accountability. Victims are relegated as collateral damage, and their reality has been warped and distorted from being involved with a toxic parent, a toxic partner, from a country with an autocratic leader, or a hostile work environment.

TARs start with parental alienation, a major public health emergency. Children who see abuse between parents risk perpetuating transgenerational patterns that lead to TARs. They become unwitting victims of a controlling parent bent on destroying their relationship with the other.

People emerging from or going through TARs need education, empowerment, and energy. Dr. Jamie founded the TAR Network™ to ensure that future generations are well-informed and aware before stepping into TAR; helping victims to break toxic cycles and make sense of situations that make no sense at all.

TAR Network™ is a 501(c)(3) bringing awareness, education, empowerment and resources to men, women and children who have suffered the devastation of a Toxic Abusive Relationship (TAR).

TAR Network™ serves as a platform that educates, drives media production efforts and promotes public health campaigns to drive policy decisions for future generations. TAR Network™ was shaped by international like-minded experienced professionals who understand firsthand “the hell that is created” when someone is involved in the cycle of narcissistic abuse from a partner, a family member, a worksite, or even a government leader.

TAR Network currently consists of TAR Tales™ and Partners in Men’s Health™, and soon will dedicate resources to the Being Heard Campaign™, Partners in Women’s Health™, TAR Worksite™ and more.

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Dr. Jamie is proud to be affiliated with organizations committed to helping people in their journeys toward self-care and meaningful relationships.


Through the TAR Network™ and his 30+ year career in clinical practice and media, Dr. Jamie is pleased to provide the following:

TAR Concierge Services

Transformational services based on treatment and action plans; referrals to area clinicians; coaching and support groups dealing with toxic abuse; individual, family, and group therapy.

TAR Concierge Services

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Keynote Speaking

Customized speech‑writing and workshops for high‑profile corporate, medical, non‑profit, and government events; team‑building activities; positive work environment development.

Keynote Speaking

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Witnessing and Consultations

Expert witness in cases of parental alienation, high‑conflict co‑parenting, attachment disorders, and toxic abuse; collaborating with direct service providers in diagnosing and treating CPTSD.

Witnessing and Consultations

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Presentations and Podcasts

Print and web‑based information for individuals living with TARs; webinars and seminars to address toxic work environments and cope with abusive relationships.

Presentations and Podcasts

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 PsyD Degree Southern California School, Dissertation on Media Psychology
 MSW Degree  Barry University     Cum Laude
 BS Degree, Community Psychology  University of Florida Cum Laude

 Licensed in State of Fl. #SW 3227

 Board Certified Diplomate Clinical Social Worker
 Certified Addictions Counselor, Washington Area Council for Drug and Alcohol Abuse
 Certified Vicarious Traumatization/ Compassion Fatigue Therapist – Green Cross
Traumatology Institute (Dr Charles Figley/ Dr Gentry)
 Certified Eriksonian Hypnotherapist