James Huysman, PsyD, LCSW has built his innovative healthcare career on the premise that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.” His belief that the resilience of the human spirit and collaboration are key to our country’s health future is the core of his philosophy. He is a fierce advocate of patient-centered healthcare and a workforce in touch with their own wellness.

A longtime proponent of creating meaningful public private partnerships by effectively incorporating partner missions and economic models of care, he has almost 30 years of medical and behavioral health experience in nonprofit and for profit corporate leadership roles.

In the 80’s, Dr. Huysman assumed a leadership role while working with community behavioral, medical and psychosocial healthcare partnerships during the deinstitutionalizing movement of the chronically mentally ill. He was able to bridge those community services by providing strong advocacy and case management.

In the 90’s, along with his med-psych career, he took on educating America about mental healthcare through the creation of TV Aftercare™,  America’s first national network of hospitals and other healthcare resources. He used his community skills to connect media programmers and healthcare providers, and appearing on 12 Talk, Court and Reality shows – ultimately providing 800 guests 8 million dollars of pro bono care. He was the expert witness in the infamous Jenny Jones case in 1996.

He is a fierce advocate of patient-centered healthcare and a workforce in touch with their own wellness.

In 2002 he cofounded and was Executive Director of The Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation. There he created a level of psychosocial support for family caregivers called Leeza’s Place. His clinical, hospital and managed care background was crucial to the economic success of this national program, partnering with hospitals, managed care and area nonprofits for its financial success. He created and maintained all contracts and clinically supervised ten community caregiver support locations, each with a different funding partner, in a four-year period.

Dr. Huysman began his career with HCA hospitals and has gone on to work with OrNda and Tenet hospitals as a corporate Vice President of business development, driving clinical programming that integrated community services and clinics with medical, surgical and behavioral healthcare.

Today he works in provider relations and governmental affairs for a San Antonio based physician-owned primary clinic organization called WellMed Medical Management. WellMed is an innovative senior care model that works with all payers, Medicare Advantage and fee for service alike. WellMed physicians and clinics takes full risk and often are fully delegated with health plans, developing innovative strategies to create better medical quality outcomes through effective community partnerships, and offering preventative medicine that is patient focused.

Dr. Huysman was awarded the Florida Social Worker of the Year award in 2008. He writes for,, Florida MD and Today’s Caregiver magazine and blogs for Psychology Today. Huysman was one of a specially selected panel by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), AARP and The Hartford Foundation to craft the NASW new “Standards for Social Work Practice with Family Caregivers of Older Adults.” He co-authored Take Your Oxygen First, contributed to two other books and was featured in The 100 Mile Walk: A Father and Son on a Quest to Find the Essence of Leadership by S. and J. Flaum.